MMD livedesign goes digital

Unusual times call for unusual measures! For us, despite the current uncertainty, this means focusing firmly on the future in order to tell the world your story.

Welcome to MMD livedesign 2.0!

Come and explore our digital world full of creative ideas and examples of what we can do for you. Check out our virtual strengths – from custom-designed spaces with atmospheric background music to integrated links, photo galleries and contact information. Just about anything is possible, including live guided tours, virtual reality, and face-to-face online meetings with your clients. The results can be hosted on your own server or on one of our shared servers. We’ll work in partnership with you to create a digital presence with lasting impact, using tailored analysis and the very latest in campaign management to address specific target groups and boost your sales. Live communication is our forte – both offline and online!

How can we help you?

Virtual trade show booth

MMD livedesign was commissioned by FSB, a German manufacturer of handles for windows and doors with an outstanding international reputation, to design a virtual trade show stand. Offset by its discreet visual appearance based on dark, purist colours, the digital booth places new products in the limelight highly effectively. Visitors just need a few clicks to navigate to any item and look around the stand. Individual information points provide additional details as well as links to FSB’s website. The FSB corporate film – embedded via YouTube – adds a personal touch. Based on this approach, MMD livedesign was able to quickly create a virtual trade show presence distinguished by its clarity.

Digital showroom for K5 Berlin

The K5 Conference is the leading digital retail event, so it goes without saying that MMD livedesign’s client Commercetools was eager to make a splash there. The challenge was to virtually display its full range of cloud-based e-commerce solutions and technology partners as creatively as possible. The solution was a digital showroom using specific examples illustrating Commercetools’ services in sectors such as food, automotive and fashion. The showroom also generates enormous added value by means of embedded podcasts, videos and links. A separate so-called ‘marketplace’ is a source of inspiration and highlights other successful cases. Virtual pillars represent the network of experts collaborating with Commercetools. Diverse interactive installations result in a technically sophisticated, yet aesthetically striking experiential world. And thanks to the use of plugin modules, the showroom can be flexibly adapted by the client for future events.

Virtual vernissage to boost sales

Bausch + Lomb is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses and other tech-based products for eye health. To provide online support to the sales team, MMD livedesign devised a digital showroom. The client attached particular importance to addressing visitors personally. MMD livedesign demonstrated how this challenge can be met in the supposedly anonymous realm of the internet by setting up a virtual vernissage. Visitors are welcomed at a coffee bar, where they choose to either take a tour of the showroom or navigate directly to specific stations showcasing certain new products or technologies. High-resolution renderings and multimedia elements ensure substantial interaction. For example, once they have received a personal welcome, visitors can watch an explanatory video presented by an expert, ask questions by email, download catalogues, or listen to the Bausch + Lomb podcast. Background music can be selected individually, enhancing the atmosphere during digital tours. Even live guided tours with real-time audio and video transmission are possible. In that case users are guided ‘from person to person’ – the computer is merely the means of communication. When it comes to demonstrating personality in the virtual realm, MMD livedesign knows what it takes!

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